Guidelines for Blankets


The yarn we use for our blankets is medium weight/worsted-weight acrylic yarn.  It is important to use acrylic yarns because some children may have allergies to certain fibers.  The blankets also must be machine washable.


It is our goal in making our blankets to warm the children’s hearts by wrapping them in something that is soft and cuddly.  For that reason we suggest that the knitting needles used should be slightly larger than what is often used for children’s blankets.  We recommend size 10, 11 or 13 knitting needles and medium size crochet hooks.


The sizes listed below are approximate and are listed as a guideline.  We
need blankets for babies and small children as well as older children.

DSC_4430 Baby @ 30” x 36”

Younger Child @ 36” x 48”

Older Child @ 42” x 48”

Some of you may want to knit a complete blanket on your own and that is wonderful.

Others may prefer to work on smaller pieces that will be combined later into a completed blanket.  We suggest using the Warm-Up America standard of 7” x 9” rectangles or granny squares that are crocheted 4 or 5  times around.

7” x 9” Rectangles (Template is provided)

Baby Size   20 Rectangles  Size 36” x 35”
Small Child Size 25 Rectangles Size 45” x 35”
Older Child 36 Rectangles Size 54” x 42”

Granny Squares 4 or 5 around (@ 5” Sq) @ 72 Squares

Assembly:  To join sections make strips first as follows:
Join rectangles or squares by weaving or backstitching the sections together, or crochet them together.  To give an attractive finished appearance work a crocheted border around the edges.